Coronavirus Outbreak – How it Starts and How to Stay Safe

Coronavirus Outbreak – How it Starts and How to Stay Safe

Before we talk about the coronavirus outbreak, let us discuss first some surprising facts about coronavirus.

Whenever you hear the word coronavirus, the first thing that does NOT trigger in your mind is:

“Why do we call this virus a CORONA”.

Like everyone else you too unconsciously think that “CORONA” is just a name given to a recently discovered virus. But this is not the case. Corona is the Latin word, which means “crown” or “wreath”.

Ever wondered what exactly is a wreath? Here is what wreath looks like. Yes, a beautiful arrangement of flowers or stems fastened in a ring. It is used for decoration purposes or laying on a grave:

image credit: kirkland

Essentially, coronavirus has got its name because of its structural resemblance with the wreath. Here is what coronavirus look like:

Coronavirus Discoveries:

The first coronavirus, discovered in 1930, was in domesticated chicken. Then two more types of coronavirus were discovered in 1940. All these coronaviruses were discovered in animals. The first coronavirus in humans was identified in 1960. This patient had common cold symptoms. The scientists named this coronavirus as 229E. Afterward, several other types of coronaviruses were discovered including:

  1. OC43,
  2. SARS-CoV1 in 2003,
  3. HCoV NL63 in 2004,
  4. HKU1 in 2005,
  5. MERS-CoV in 2012,
  6. SARS-CoV2 in 2019
  7. COVID-19 in December 2019

Current Coronavirus:

COVID-19 jumped from animals to humans. The first case of this virus was identified in Wuhan city of China on the 1st day of December 2019. It resulted in endemic initially. COVID-19 coronavirus is highly contagious. This means it transfers very quickly from one human to another human.

The spread of coronavirus in Wuhan was so quick that it became epidemic in a matter of days. This epidemic forced the Chines authorities to completely lockdown the Wuhan city. Within months of its initial discovery, it reached almost every country across the globe. Taking into consideration the outbreak across the globe, the World Health Organization officially recognized it as a pandemic.

As of today as I am writing this article, the total confirmed cases of coronavirus stand at 1,722,306 globally. The total confirmed deaths stand at 104,775. This all happened in the period from the 1st day of December 2019 to the 11th day of April 2020 – 133 days to be very specific. If we evenly spread the number of deaths in this entire duration, it means approximately 787 deaths every single day. This coronavirus outbreak is deadly.

How Coronavirus Spread From One Human to Another:

There are countless scenarios of how the coronavirus outbreak spread based on an individual’s locality and meeting and greeting habits that increase the likelihood of a coronavirus outbreak. However, these are the two base scenarios that will give an overall idea of how this outbreak starts.

Scenario 1:

Person A only gets infected if coronavirus gets inside his/her body. There are several scenarios where you can get infected. This virus enters your system through your mouth, nose, and eyes. This means, if an infected person sneezes or coughs in your vicinity, it will release a burst of saliva droplets in the air. This increases the chances that as you inhale this infected air, you will become infected too.

Scenario 2:

When an infected person coughs or sneezes, he releases a burst of saliva that settles on nearby surfaces. Person A somehow touches this surface and later on rubs his eyes, nose, or mouth – person A will become infected too.

As I have already highlighted that there are countless scenarios and all interlinked with each other – similar to a chain reaction – thus resulting in a coronavirus outbreak.

What Can You Do to Avoid Coronavirus Outbreak?

The best thing that you can do to stop the coronavirus outbreak is to eliminate the possibility of encounter to any such scenario. The best strategy to break the outbreak chain is to stay home and strictly practice social distancing if you ever go out for supplies. This will ensure that you are safe and others are safe too.

How Long You Should Stay at Home?

The governments across all the countries are updating the masses when to take what measures. We suggest that you cooperate with the local government agencies and abide by whatever they announce.

Concluding Remarks:

Our societies have encountered pandemics much severe than this, and as you are reading this article this proves we had passed them through. we will pass it through this time as well.

When the coronavirus outbreak pandemic is over, we will tell our generations the stories of how unitedly we defeated a deadly outbreak in 2020 and we will stay united to implement the lessons learned to make our planet a better, beautiful, and healthy place to live in.

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